Communication without understanding generates minimal results.
To maneuver with ease a business needs Marketing and I.T. departments to work together.
If your business is ready to simplify its operations,
then we are the right choice for you.

How we do it:

Defining objectives in regards to the technology used in your business in order to develop a practical plan to achieve requested end results. Implementing designed plans consistently and troubleshooting software and hardware issues to enhance the quality of daily business activities. Bridging the gap between marketing department and I.T., to reduce frustration and eliminate stress in the workplace; hence, increase sales and productivity.

Consulting & Planning Consulting & Planning
  • Providing resources to automate day-to-day business activities, and to support systems that are in place
  • Auditing infrastructure of existing systems to assess the needed technology (software & hardware) requirements
  • Designing networks to meet the required business configuration
  • Searching for suitable in-house I.T. managers and staff
  • Building and supervising web development teams
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Upgrades & Maintenance Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Customizing needed business computer system solutions
  • Installing software, hardware devices, and peripherals such as printer, router, switch, hub, modem, etc.
  • Setting up and wiring/cabling for network connectivity
  • Migrating existing data to new systems (PC)
  • Backing up of data and files in hard Drive (internal/external), USB/ Flash, CD ROM/DVD and Cloud
  • Troubleshooting and repairing where applicable and feasible
  • Removing virus, spyware, malware, and unwanted adware
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PC Support & Training PC Support & Training
  • Software & Hardware Installation, and Removal
  • Computer Tune-up, and Maintenance
  • System Formatting, and Migration
  • Hardware & Software Diagnostics
  • Virus, Spyware & Malware Detection
  • Computer Cleaning & Optimization
  • Networking & Internet Sharing
  • Computer (Hardware & Software) Training
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