A professional who does not practice the basics is an amateur.
If you, your staff or your organization, are prepared to learn how to perform effectively,
then we are the right choice for you.

Here’s a summary of our process:

Developing measurement devices for customized training contents, with special strength in needs assessment packets Teaching self-employment process and techniques, time management and communication as well as arranging seminars and training courses to promote sales and production activities Customizing methods to evaluate employees' performance, practice, and overall productivity, based on their individual function Creating special training projects and strategies for general staff and smaller groups for various departments determined by their needs, based on one-on-one evaluations to maintain a positive attitude to achieve corporate goals as well as personal goals, and how these two must run in parallel directions for better productivity

Customized Training Customized Training
General evaluation:

We study the company's background, products and services, environment, objectives, and do a visual observation of the business routine (management and senior staff will be involved in this stage.)

Needs assessment:

One-on-one interview with participating staff, up to ½ hour per person, to determine their level of understanding of the company, their knowledge of its products/services, the sales process, and administrative policies; we also evaluate their character traits and attitude towards the program.

Program preparation:

A customized training program with a suitable schedule will be designed based on the results of the general evaluation and the findings of all the interviews.

Program Delivery:

Facilitating of lessons/workshops. Participants will be trained in a classroom setting through lectures, role-play, group exercises, discussions, and tests.


All participants will be evaluated on the effectiveness of the training offered and improvements they experience following the training. A summary of the results and the recommendations will be presented to the management.

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Dynamic Sales Training Dynamic Sales Training

To educate a group of new and/or experienced salespeople on the importance of the sales process, its significance in their level of work, how and why they should apply the basics in every sales call, the application of sales skills in day-to-day life, the value of healthy competition in a team environment, and how to apply sales skills in personal growth. A detailed understanding of each stage of sales will be discussed through the participant-centered learning environment.

  • Initial evaluation
  • One-on-one interview with participants
  • Groups Needs assessment
  • Sales Fundamentals
    • Product Knowledge
    • Prospecting
    • Approaching
    • Qualifying
    • Presenting
    • Closing
    • Following Up / Referral
  • Role Playing Workshop
  • Problems & Answers
  • Test & Exams
  • Evaluation
  • Post Course Evaluation
  • Optional Follow-up Refresher Sessions
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Train The Trainer Train The Trainer

To coach those individuals who wish to either become in-house trainers for ongoing training programs, in order to reduce the gap between high and low performers within a company, or to make a living as professional business trainers (freelance). In this program, participants will gain needed skills to evaluate their trainees, prepare course materials, manage and deliver programs, analyze the results of their efforts, and to improve themselves.


The new trainers will learn how to:

  • Prepare training manuals, corresponding PowerPoint Slides, and case studies for their presentations
  • Determine their trainees’ character traits and attitudes in relation to their jobs
  • Convey complete knowledge of the work environment and its objectives to their trainees
  • Motivate their trainees to partake in group studies and activities
  • Educate their trainees on the importance of their job, and how and why it impacts others
  • Teach their trainees how to learn and apply their skills, compete, and work in a team environment
  • Administer role-playing, group discussion, exercises, for necessary test and exam
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